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    Want to put something on this board to sell? For Free!

    It's easy.


    Create an account by clicking the create an account button in the top menu.

    Fill in the information and don't forget your password.

    After creating your account log in by clicking the log in button on the top menu.

    On the top right hand corner you will see a red button that says Add+ - click it.

    You will then be presented with a pop up menu.

    Second -

    Start off with the right button and create a board. Example - Kens Board. You can call it anything you want - it just keeps all your stuff in one place.

    You only need to create one the first time you use the program.

    If you want to add a lot of items and want to categorize them later on, then go ahead.

    But for most folks you only need one board.


    On the left the pin button is for placing an add from a website - most people will not use this. Move on to the next step.


     Make sure you have created at least on board first!

    In the middle is a up arrow. Most people will use this to place an ad (pin). Click this

    You will be presented with a popup to upload a pin (picture). Click browse, find your picture and click it.

    The program will upload your picture.

    Fill in the Title

    Keywords (if you want to use) Optional,

    You will see your board - If you only have one board you don't have to do anything

     But if you have created more than one board - choose the one you want  

    Enter description - Don't forget your contact info!!!!!!

    Hint !!!!!! Start your description with / (price) for a price to be put across your picture.

    Ex. /$1.50 

    When done click pins and you are done!

    Adding more in the future is easy - just log in and press Add, Click the center button and you are on your way!

    The Manage user pins allows you to see a summary of your account on the site.